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We have a long-term vision in Mexico: Scotiabank

We have a long-term vision in Mexico: Scotiabank

Almost two months after the Mexicans go to the polls to cast his vote, Adrián Otero considers that the country's objective is economic development and to achieve this it must be done hand in hand with private initiative.

This economic development, points out the banker, implies generating more jobs, as well as having health and education services.

“The main objective is that we make Mexico a great country, that is why what we at Scotiabank want to be is a catalyst for that economic development,” he points out.

But the detonation and taking advantage of new investments require talent, which companies are having a hard time finding.

“One of the main universities in this country told us that many young people are not wanting to study engineering and what What we really need right now are engineers“he warns.

Regarding talent, Scotiabank has highlighted the importance of having women in leadership positions. Currently there are 33% of them in these positions and this is relevant for the bank, because it considers that more diverse companies generate more profitability.

Otero points out that the phenomenon of nearshoring is benefiting Mexico because companies want to be close to the United States, which is the world power, especially in the automobile segment.

“More companies in this sector will be arriving and we accompany the development of the sector at different stages: when a company or corporation arrives and wants financing to invest and when we offer them financial services,” he highlights.

Scotiabank is mainly serving Canadian companies that are interested in reaching Mexico, as well as American and Asian companies.

Will Scotiabank have a digital bank?

The trend of having a digital bank is not a bet that the bank is thinking about. Adrián Otero points out that after investments of more than 7,000 million pesos in technology and infrastructure.

The idea, says Otero, is not to force clients to make their transactions in a single channel, on the contrary, they want to provide all the options to their clients: branches, mobile phone, computer or through a call center.

Scotiabank data:

Year of creation: 1996

Profits in 2023: 11,279 million pesos

Credit portfolio: 513,580 million pesos

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