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Wall Street closes higher after push from technology companies

Wall Street closes higher after push from technology companies

Wall Street closed this Wednesday in green, and the Dow Jones Industrials, its main indicator up 1%, as the banking sector calms down. At the close of business, the Dow Jones yesrose up to 32,717.60 units and the selective The S&P 500 added 1.42% to 4,027.81 points.

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For its part, the composite market index nasdaqin which the main technological companies are listed, added 1.79% to 11,926.24 integers. Strong gains in technology helped the Nasdaq recover after a lower session yesterday.

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Wall Street is still evaluating how the recent bank reorganization will affect the broader economy, and how it will respond to the Federal Reserve (Fed) of USA On Monday, First Citizens seized the Californian’s assets, deposits and loans Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)in an operation that includes the purchase of 72,000 million dollars (66,491 euros at the exchange rate of March 29) in assets with a discount of 16,500 million dollars, which was interpreted as the happy ending of that banking crisis, which only two weeks earlier it caused tremors on both sides of the Atlantic.

(Inflation and rates did not allow for better dividends for shareholders).

All sectors closed in green and the biggest gains were real estate and the technological, with a rise of 2.23% and 2.09%. Among the 30 Dow Jones stocks, the only two companies to close in the red were UnitedHealth (-1.27%) and msd (-0.58%), while the largest gains were for Intel (7.61%) and amexpress (2.75%).

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In other markets, the Texas oil closed at $72.97 a barreland at the end of the trading session the profitability of the US 10-year bond rose to 3.57%he eitherro rose to $1,982 an ounceand the dollar gained ground against the euro, with a change of 1.0838.


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