US to impose visa restrictions on citizens who undermine ‘democratic’ elections in Bangladesh

May 24. (EUROPE PRESS) –

The United States announced on Wednesday that it will impose visa restrictions on those citizens who undermine “democratic” elections in Bangladesh, including politicians, civil servants, judges or members of law enforcement.

“Free and fair elections are everyone’s responsibility: voters, political parties, government, security forces, civil society and the media,” US Secretary of State Antony said in a statement. Blinken.

Specifically, Washington has specified that visa sanctions will be imposed on those who manipulate the votes, intimidate voters, as well as those who use violence to prevent the population from exercising their right to freedom of association and assembly.

Likewise, the actions also include those measures aimed at preventing political parties, voters, members of civil society or the media from disseminating their points of view. “The United States notified this decision to the Government of Bangladesh on May 3, 2023,” he added.

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