Uncertainty surrounds Republican plan to separate aid projects for Ukraine and Israel

Uncertainty surrounds Republican plan to separate aid projects for Ukraine and Israel

Congressional Democrats said Tuesday that they would not rush to judge the Republican-led House of Representatives' proposal to separately consider the helps security national for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, rather than as a single bill.

More than two months after the Senate approved a $95 billion package in security aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and other U.S. partners in the Indo-Pacific, House Speaker Mike Johnson , said Monday that the House would consider the aid this week, but would do so as separate pieces.

The proposal fueled uncertainty around the long-awaited aid package, particularly for Ukraine, given fierce opposition to further assistance to kyiv from some far-right Republicans, who have threatened to oust Johnson if it is approved.

Democrats in the House and Senate said they would study Johnson's proposals, although they stressed that the best and quickest strategy would be for the House to pass legislation that the Senate backed in February.

Johnson's plan could add weeks to the deadline for aid to become law, as it must be approved by the House and then voted on again in the Senate, before it can be sent to the White House for signature. of Democratic President Joe Biden. Next week the Senate begins a two-week recess.

“I'm reserving my judgment on what comes out of the House of Representatives until we know more about the content of the proposal and the process that will follow,” Senator Chuck Schumer said as he opened the session.

It was unclear which country the lower house would consider first. Republicans have repeatedly tried to get aid to Israel approved without anything for Ukraine, an approach that Democrats have rejected.

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