Tower of Fantasy: where to find all the viewpoints of the Artificial Island

Tower of Fantasy: where to find all the viewpoints of the Artificial Island

The players of Tower of Fantasy, the massively multiplayer online game developed by Hotta Studios, know that the regions of the continent of Aespiera have several vantage points. The dynamic is repeated in the new Artificial Island and it may take you a while to find them all to advance your game with the most rewards. That is why we are here, to help you find all those points.

The panoramic points of Tower of Fantasy they are used to progress in the exploration of the area and players are rewarded with valuable dark crystals and achievements for their efforts. Simply approach the holographic eye near the sight and tap or press the corresponding button to “Investigate.”

The central area of ​​the Artificial Island has four viewpoints while the outer islands have their own four viewpoints. In total there are eight points to explore on stage.

the content creator ZaFrostPet published on YouTube a valuable guide so that players can know exactly where each viewpoint can be found and thus not lose hours in the games. In the same way, we share the nearby coordinates so that you can go to each point as soon as possible.

1. Unnamed Airship Plaza > 401.5, 92.4

two. Simple Pier > 208.9, -332.1

3. Eyrie > 66.4, -245.7

Four. Lakesource Falls > -266.2, 131.4

5. Tetriso Ruins > -589.5, -210.6

6. Gazing Cliffs > -181.2, 790.9

7. Abandoned Water Treatment Plant > 454.0, -595.6

8. The Venture > -170.6, -1370.6

TOWER OF FANTASY | Cobalt-B and Vera’s Orientation

More news and surprises in Tower of Fantasy. For now, the developer Hotta Studios announced with a new trailer when the new character will arrive Cobalt-Bas well as all the details of the limited time event Orientation of Vera.

Cobalt-B is the new character Tower of Fantasy that will arrive on the platform from October 6, and brings with it Flaming Revolver. “Cobalt-B, a mechanical engineer on the Hykros weapons development team, has an innate instinct for creating highly effective weapons that she tests on unsuspecting members of Hyena”says the description.

For its part, the event “True Guidance” Is available in Tower of Fantasy until October 12. Players will have the opportunity to earn rewards by completing challenges centered around three phases.

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