Threads, Instagram’s response to Twitter, will not reach the European Union for privacy reasons


Everything indicates that tomorrow will be the big day for Threads, the social network/microblogging application that Instagram has developed to compete with Twitter, taking advantage of the troubled river. He websiteIn fact, it has already been activated with a mysterious filler page, but in the absence of the corresponding applications being published, we already know that it will not be available in the European Union. At least for now.

As stated by a spokesman for the Irish Data Protection Commission (DCP), Meta has held talks with the European authorities with the purpose of launching Threads in the territory of the Union, but the use of cross-data that it makes with Instagram, including usage and advertising-related information, would raise incompatibilities that cannot be addressed by the time it is released in the United States.

According to the Independent newspaper, “it is inferred that the DCP has not actively blocked the service. Instead, the tech giant has not prepared the service for its European launch beyond the UK, which does not fully follow the GDPR or the rules Privacy Policy of the European Union.

The information that Meta will be able to access through Threads and its connection to Instagram will be significant. In the United States, the newspaper points out, the platform declares that it will capture user data related to their health, finances, browsing history, location, purchases, contacts, search history and sensitive information. That doesn’t seem much more or much less than what Facebook already monitors, but making sure that all this information is captured following the letter of the law, especially when there is a data transfer from another service, can be excessively tricky to Let Facebook take a chance on a hasty launch, especially with his background.

The quick switch to dark mode is one of the features that can already be checked without having an account.

Regardless of the fact that the service is not available in the European Union, everything indicates that at least your messages will be visible. Although Threads hasn’t opened yet, Mark Zuckerberg has already posted your welcome message to the delight of the people invited to the testing phase at the beginning of the year, thus showing the details of a fairly clean interface that allows, for example, to switch between light and dark mode just by clicking on the Threads logo.

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