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This man tried to pass through Chinese customs with 420 SSDs attached to his body. Spoiler: they got it


The activity of smuggling networks between China, Hong Kong and Macao is a reality. Although these last two regions are part of the People’s Republic of China, they have the status of “special administrative regions”. Consequently, its borders are regulated and all travelers must go through border controls.

Despite the risk of being discovered – and of ending up in trouble – many continue to try to move merchandise illegally between these regions, that is, without making the corresponding declarations. And a very common practice is usually to stick contraband products to the body.

They seized more than 400 SSD drives

According to the Chinese media ZolNewson June 21 around 11:50 (local time) a man named Gou tried to enter china through Gongbei Port. To do so, he chose a path known as “non-declaration.” However, customs agents perceived a suspicious scene.

The man, from Macau, was wearing a loose-fitting coat and, strangely, his abdomen and waist bulged out conspicuously when he walked. Given this scenario, the officials proceeded to intercept him on the road to question him and check his belongings. Upon inspection they confirmed his suspicions.

One of the accesses of the Port of Gongbei

Gou had attached a total of 450 M.2 SSD drives to his body. Possibly thinking that these small and thin devices (like a stick of gum) they would not be detected, the man ventured through border control. But when all those items were discovered, valued at about US$32,000, they were seized.

Unlike other smugglers, the protagonist of this article was not carrying high-value items, like someone who tried to smuggle more than 2,200 CPUs, RAM memories, and many other items. Or those who, when it came time to do it, have done it in a big way, like a person who transported half a million electronic parts without declaring.

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In any case, electronics smuggling is considered a crime, so the intercepted individual is now in the epicenter of an investigation. As for the seized items, customs usually chooses to auction them, sell them directly, destroy them or transfer them to the administrative department.

Pictures: Administrative Department of Gongbei Port | vmenkov

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