This is the musical secret in the new site of Super Mario Bros. The Movie

This part of the site keeps a musical secret

Less and less until the premiere of Super Mario Bros. The Movie and we continue to learn more details about the production and its promotion. On this occasion, a curious musical game has just been discovered on the new website of the feature film that you will surely like.

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As you will surely remember, it was recently confirmed that the Nintendo and Illumination Studios film will hit theaters in Mexico and other Latin American countries at the beginning of April of this year.

Now, and with the new production site (where you can see Mario and Luigi’s business), some users discovered that accessing the error page from the web (by adding /404 in your URL), you can find a secret page with 3 pipes.

Here you can see them:

This part of the site keeps a musical secret

As you could see, the page known as smbplumbing It takes us to a section with a white background and the creepy 404 error code, where they show us the classic pipes of the franchise that play a sound when clicked.

How to discover the secret?

However, those responsible for this curious work hid a surprise that few have found, so we recommend you click on each one in the following order: center, right, left.

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Once this procedure is done, you will witness something magical, so we will not ruin the surprise for you and we will only tell you to make sure you have a good volume level on your device.

We remind you that Super Mario Bros. The Movie It will be released in theaters on April 6.

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