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This is how the collection goals for the tax reform remained

These would be the income of the upper class in the country

Behind the approval in the first debate of the tax reform of the Government of Gustavo Petro, the Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, confirmed how the collection goals for the project were left.

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According to the Treasury, for next year, the collection that will be obtained in 2023 will reach $21.5 billionin 2024 $22.7 billion, in 2025 it would be $23.1 billion and in 2026 the estimate is $24.4 billion.

This, according to Minister Ocampo, demonstrates the progressiveness and gradual nature of the initiative, which must now be discussed in plenary sessions of the Senate and House.

By 2023, $11.3 billion will be collected for taxes on the use of the subsoil, $2.9 trillion for taxes on individuals and $3 trillion for legal entities, $1.3 trillion for healthy taxes, $84,000 million for environmental taxes and $3.0 trillion for other measures.

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“The composition changes over time, because there are some taxes that tend to go down and others that tend to go up. Those that tend to fall more importantly are those that appear as underground, which are basically oil, coal and other minerals, which are the ones that collect the most in the first year,” explained the minister.


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