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This is how the cold affects smartphones and laptops

This is how the cold affects smartphones and laptops

27 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

The cold affects the electronics devicesand just as people protect ourselves from it with warm clothes, scarves, gloves and hats, we must also protect the camera, tablet, smartphone or laptop that we carry with us.

The best thing to protect portable devices is carry them protected inside your pocket or a backpack or case to avoid direct exposure to low temperatures. Already in an interior space where we are going to use them, it is convenient to wait a few minutes for them to temper naturally.

you also have to Avoid sudden temperature changesFor example, going from the cold outside to an interior where the heating is very high. This can create condensation on electronic components inside the device, wetting some of its parts and being able to create sulfation and corrosion, which would render the device useless, as PcComponentes experts warn.

In the specific case of the ‘smartphone’, as it is the device we use the most abroad, it would be best to warm it up for a moment with your hands before unlocking it. Otherwise, we may experience unusually rapid drops in performance or battery level.

Although this inconvenience is solved by returning indoors or recharging the device, a prolonged exposure of the battery to the cold can cause permanent damage in the form of voltage drop, which will force the user to replace it in some cases.

On the other hand, laptops have elements that are sensitive to very low temperatures such as batteries, the hard drive or the motherboard. Depending on the materials, we can also notice that the opening and closing of the lid are harder than usual. For this reason, from PcComponentes they emphasize that it is not advisable to use these devices on the street.

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