They ask to expedite procedures in Honduran consulates in the US

They ask to expedite procedures in Honduran consulates in the US

Honduran immigrants in the United States complain at the Honduran Consulate General in Washington because they cannot apply to obtain the National Identity Document (DNI) online.

When trying to complete the first step of the online application, as required before going to the consulate, the tab to do so does not appear on the website, the Hondurans complained to the National Human Rights Commissioner (CONADEH).

This state body that monitors compliance with human rights urged the government of Xiomara Castro on Wednesday to comply with the “constitutional right” of Hondurans “to obtain a document from the State.”

Complaints posted every day on the Facebook pages of the 10 Honduran consulates in the US point out deficiencies in terms of appointments, document delivery times and unjustified rejections of applications.

“Now that everything is electronic, it takes a long time to issue a passport,” complained Rosa María Villalta, from Honduras.

CONADEH said that it “observes with concern the increase in complaints regarding the failure to issue the National Identification Document (DNI) and passports in favor of Hondurans living in the United States.”

According to the organization, among the explanations for the problem, it could be considered that there is a shortage of human resources in the consulates, which slows down the processes, and called for immigrants “to be attended to promptly and diligently” or the Honduran government would be leaving them. in a “state of helplessness and vulnerability”.

The Honduran consulate general in Washington, in the face of numerous user complaints about the service, this week invited users through social networks to report abuse by calling +1 (202) 733-1702.

The Honduran government estimated before closing the year 2022 that the number of its citizens in the US already exceeds one million.

The Honduran Foreign Ministry in Tegucigalpa did not respond to a request for comment from the voice of america for this report.

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