The US asks the South Sudanese government to create the necessary conditions to hold a “legitimate” electoral process

The US asks the South Sudanese government to create the necessary conditions to hold a "legitimate" electoral process

April 17 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The spokesperson for the United States Department of State, Matthew Miller, asked the Government of South Sudan on Tuesday to create the necessary conditions for holding a “legitimate” and “peaceful” electoral process, considering that the political figures of the country have failed to achieve them ahead of the December elections.

“The United States remains concerned about continued allegations of human rights violations, as well as insufficient investment in key democratic institutions. Transitional government leaders must act urgently to address these deficiencies and create the necessary preconditions for a process genuine and peaceful election,” Miller said in a statement.

In this sense, he referred to a statement published in early April by the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, in which he listed more than a dozen critical preconditions necessary for holding elections and that had not yet been met. compliment.

“Despite significant international support, including the identification of key electoral issues by the United Nations, the African Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, the letter demonstrates that President Salva Kiir, First Vice President Riek Machar and other South Sudanese political leaders have so far collectively failed to meet the conditions necessary for genuine and peaceful elections to be held in December,” Miller stressed.

In this sense, the spokesperson has called for the protection of civic space, support for politically neutral security forces, the strengthening of electoral institutions and the holding of a dialogue between the different leaders of the country to resolve pending electoral decisions.

“The longer South Sudan's leaders avoid taking these measures, the greater the risk of further violence. This year alone, it is estimated that 75 percent of the country's population will need humanitarian assistance as a result of the current violence,” he added.

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has assured on several occasions that the elections will be held on time this time, after several postponements due to delays in the implementation of the peace agreement, signed by him and the leader of the People's Liberation Movement. of Sudan in Opposition (SPLM-IO) and now the country's first vice president, Riek Machar.

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