The US advocates a “dignified political solution” for Western Sahara in a contact with Algeria

The US advocates a "dignified political solution" for Western Sahara in a contact with Algeria

June 21 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The United States Government has advocated before that of Algeria for continuing to work to achieve “a dignified political solution” for Western Sahara, a scenario in which Washington has not formally reversed the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty that it granted to end of 2020 the then president, Donald Trump.

The United States Assistant Secretary of State, Wendy R. Sherman, and the Algerian Foreign Minister, Ahmed Ataf, have held a telephone conversation in which they have discussed, among other topics, the need to continue working for the sake of “regional stability” and the recent election of Algeria as a member of the UN Security Council.

Washington is confident that it can work with Algiers in the Council on a “wide range of challenges”, including “full support” for the UN special envoy for Western Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, who has tried in vain to bring the parties closer together. to resume a process that, to this day, remains stagnant.

The Joe Biden Administration has underlined its support for De Mistura at a time when it “intensifies efforts to achieve a lasting and dignified political solution for Western Sahara.” Algeria is in this scenario a key partner of the Polisario Front, which claims the right of self-determination of the former Spanish colony against the autonomy plan proposed by the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI.

Rabat received diplomatic support during Trump’s time in the White House, when the former president endorsed the Moroccan identity of Western Sahara. The Biden Administration has avoided being linked to this statement and limited itself to considering the Moroccan autonomy plan a “serious, credible and realistic” project, without indicating that it is the only valid one but without formally breaking with the 2020 thesis.

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