The UN Command in Korea warns that the deployment of drones on the border violates the armistice

The UN Command in Korea warns that the deployment of drones on the border violates the armistice

Jan. 26 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The United Nations Command, which is headed by the United States, has warned this Thursday that the deployment of drones by North Korea and South Korea on the other side of the inter-Korean border is a violation of the armistice agreed between the parties. at the end of the war in 1953.

The military force, which helps supervise the Demilitarized Zone on the border between the two Koreas, has indicated in a statement that it has carried out an investigation into the air raids by both parties to determine whether there have been violations of the agreement.

In this sense, he recalled that five North Korean drones crossed the border to the south on December 26, which led South Korea to increase the deployment of fighters and helicopters, as well as drones to gather information on military installations in South Korea. North.

Thus, the command has stressed that these maneuvers represent “continued violations” despite the fact that the attempt by South Korea to shoot down the drones that had already passed into an airspace does not constitute a violation of the armistice.

“The United Nations Command reaffirms the importance of the terms of the agreement, essential to mitigate the damage caused by accidental incidents through preventive measures with the aim of preserving the cessation of hostilities on the Korean peninsula,” the text states. .

However, South Korean authorities insist that Seoul’s use of drones in the area is a “self-defense measure” against “North Korean drone incursions.”

Tension between the two countries continues to escalate as North Korea continues to conduct ballistic tests with missile launches while South Korea increases its joint military exercises with countries like the United States.

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