The Taliban resume activities at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Iran after appointing a charge d’affaires

The Taliban resume activities at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Iran after appointing a charge d'affaires

27 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The authorities established by the Taliban in Afghanistan have announced the restart of the activities of the Afghan Embassy in Iran after a “reshuffle” of the diplomatic team in Tehran, including the appointment of a new business manager at the head of the legation.

The spokesman for the Afghan Foreign Ministry, Abdulqahar Balji, has indicated that “the activities of the Afghan Embassy will continue in Tehran after the dispatch of the new chargé d’affaires and diplomats with the firm commitment and spirit of serving the citizens of both countries”. .

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that the remodeling of the diplomatic staff of a mission is a regular administrative matter and a legitimate right of every country,” he indicated through a series of messages on his account on the social network Twitter.

“We believe that, with the new appointments, there will be transparency in the affairs of the Embassy, ​​as well as expanded relations in various fields between two Muslim and brother countries,” Balji concluded.

For its part, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has stressed in a statement published on its website that it has not played any role in the process and has stated that “the matter relating to these events is an internal matter of Afghanistan.”

“The Iranian Foreign Ministry has not been involved in any way in any of the changes in the Afghan Embassy,” he pointed out, before stressing that “it has not delivered documents, equipment or any other object that belongs to the Afghan Embassy in Tehran”.

Sources cited by Amu TV, founded by Afghan journalists in exile, have indicated that last week the Iranian authorities demanded that the Afghan diplomatic personnel, belonging to the government overthrown by the Taliban, hand over the Embassy to the new Afghan authorities.

Thus, Abdulqayum Sulaimani, ambassador of the former Afghan Executive led by Ashraf Ghani, would have handed over the Embassy during the day on Sunday. The new charge d’affaires is Fazl Mohamad Haqqani, who was secretary to the former Afghan ambassador to Iran.

The Taliban have been trying since August 2021, when they seized Kabul after Ghani fled the country in the face of his advances on the capital, to win some form of international recognition for their regime, which has since imposed numerous restrictions on fundamental rights and freedoms. .

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