The Summit of Cities of the Americas begins in the US

The Summit of Cities of the Americas begins in the US

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During the inauguration of the first Summit of the Cities of the Americas, the mayor of the Mexican capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, highlighted the importance of problems being seen at the community level, and that not everything is justified as a consequence of corruption: “We have a vision that reducing corruption and privileges is enough to allocate resources, but there is also a global vision in the sense that it is development cooperation that will allow a carbon-free society and economies, but that always promote well-being, the cooperation of the countries with the most economic resources for development with well-being,” said the official.

For the spokeswoman for the United States Department of State, Cristina Rosales, the event is a great opportunity to bring the leadership of cities and the private sector, to evaluate common challenges: “trying specifically to see how we can solve local problems, have a solution, but also global, because we are facing them together throughout the region. We deal with the issue of democracy, the issue of health, public, security, how we can deal with the challenges in climate change, how we can advance on the issue of digital innovation mainly ”she declared.

The mayoress of Bogotá, Claudia López, assured that migration is one of the most important challenges to face: “our purpose since 2022 has been to move from emergency attention to the incorporation of migration, the incorporation of almost half a million Bogotanos in terms of production, social incorporation, of course, this is not exempt from debates and difficulties, we have problems of insecurity, violence, but it is not due to migration, it is due to the recomposition of crime”, expressed the mayoress.

In addition to government officials, the summit includes youth leaders, arts and cultural organizations, as well as indigenous groups and the private sector.

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