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The products on the market that have risen the most in the last year

The products on the market that have risen the most in the last year

The National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane) released the annual inflation figure in Colombia in the period between January 2022 and the same month in 2023, according to this entity. the increase was 13.25 percent.

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According to the Dane report, the cost of living it completed seven consecutive months above 10 percent. For January 2023, the monthly variation of the Consumer Price Index, CPI, was 1.78 percent.

The annual behavior of was mainly explained by the variation in the divisions food and non-alcoholic beverages, lodging, water, electricity, gas and other fuels“, the report mentions.

The largest increases were registered in products such as: arracacha, yams and other tubers, whose increase was 106.83 percent. Followed by onion with an increase of 101.51 percent.

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For his part, cassava presented an increase of 63.17 percent. Among the products that had a less significant increase are: panela with 4.28 percent, mineral water with 9.36 percent and concentrates to prepare soft drinks with 9.52 percent.

The entity also revealed the cities with the most expensive products, according to the report, the first city is Cúcuta with 15.91 percent; followed by Sincelejo with 15.45 percent and Montería with 15.35 percent.

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Regarding the country’s capital and urban areas, the CPI was set below the national averagein the month of January Bogota had 12.71 percentManizales 12.83 percent, while Villavicencio had the lowest figure with 7.08 percent.

Finally, this percentage of monthly variation is distributed as follows: transportation with 3.98 percent, restaurants and hotels with 3.11 percent and food and alcoholic beverages with 2.46 percent.

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