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The PC market thins to withstand the crisis

The PC market thins to withstand the crisis

In the business sector, the PC market has also suffered, as users have found no reason to buy new equipment, while companies have extended the life cycles of their computers.

According to the figures, the companies that made the most shipments in the last quarter of the year were Lenovo (15,663 units), HP (13,216), Dell (10,884 units), Apple (7,011) and Asus, with 4,876 computers.

“With many consumers already owning relatively new PCs that were purchased during the pandemic, lack of affordability outweighed any motivation to buy, causing PC demand to drop to its lowest level in years,” Kitagawa explained.

At Asus, the fifth company with the most computers shipped in the world, they are aware of this situation; however, Jonathan Tornel, the brand’s product manager in Mexico, mentioned that there are growing market segments, such as thin and light equipment.

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