The number of Palestinians killed in an Israeli Army operation in Jenin rises to nine

The number of Palestinians killed in an Israeli Army operation in Jenin rises to nine

Israel claims the operation was launched against “a terrorist squad of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.”


At least nine Palestinians have died and nearly 20 have been injured, including four in critical condition, in the context of clashes during an Israeli Army operation in the West Bank city of Jenin (north), as confirmed by the Palestinian authorities. .

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has indicated in its account on the Facebook social network that “the Israeli aggression in Jenin leaves eight martyrs, including an elderly woman”, after which the head of the portfolio, Mai al Kaila, has stressed that the situation “She’s very critical.”

“We have been informed by the Palestinian Red Crescent that there are many wounded who are difficult to rescue and evacuate,” he said, before indicating that the Israeli military “prevents ambulances from entering the Jenin refugee camp to rescue the wounded.” .

It has also indicated that the Israeli forces have broken into the city hospital and fired tear gas into the pediatric area, while calling for an urgent meeting with the Red Cross and the World Health Organization (WHO) to address the issue. event.

For its part, the Israeli Army has confirmed an “anti-terrorist operation” in the Jenin refugee camp with the participation of soldiers and members of the Border Police, among others, with the aim of arresting “a terrorist squad of Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

“During the operation, the terrorist squad opened fire on the Israeli security forces, triggering a shootout in which three terrorists were neutralized,” he said on his account on the social network Twitter, before stressing that the suspects “were involved in the execution and planning of multiple terrorist attacks, including armed attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians”.

“During the operation, security forces operated to surround the building where the suspects were staying. Two armed suspects were identified fleeing the scene and were neutralized by security forces. One of the suspects inside the building surrendered to the security forces,” he detailed.

The Israeli Army has specified that, after that, two explosive devices were detonated in the building, while an “additional armed suspect was neutralized.” In addition, it has emphasized that “during the operation to capture the terrorists, additional armed suspects opened fire on the security forces, who responded with live fire.”

“Impacts were identified. The statements about additional victims during the shooting are being analyzed,” he stressed, while noting that “there are no injuries among the ranks of the Army.” “We are aware of information about a Palestinian civilian being hit. The circumstances of what happened are being reviewed,” she pointed out, before defending that “the operation was based on precise intelligence information.”


The spokesman for the Palestinian Presidency, Nabil abu Rudeina, has described what happened in Jenin as a “massacre” and has criticized the “suspicious international silence”, as reported by the Palestinian news agency WAFA. “This international silence and incapacity encourages the occupation government to commit massacres against our people in full view of the whole world,” he denounced.

Along these lines, the Palestinian prime minister, Mohamad ShtayĆ©, has denounced “executions” by the Israeli forces due to his “feeling of impunity”, for which he has asked the United Nations to “intervene urgently to provide protection to the population Palestine”.

The criticism has been joined by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry, which has called on the international community and the United States to act in the face of the “bloody and barbaric incursion” into the Jenin refugee camp.

“If the international community and the US Administration do not act now, in the face of these brutal crimes by the occupying forces, when will they do so to uphold their principles and positions and preserve what remains of their credibility?” has asked.

Tensions have increased in recent months due to the increase in Israeli military operations in the West Bank, centered on Jenin, after a series of attacks that left more than 30 dead in 2022. The United Nations warned last week that “the dangerous cycle of violence” between Israelis and Palestinians is causing a “devastating” number of deaths and stressed that “the violence must end.

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