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The National Court reprimands García Castellón for denying Monedero key information about his case

The National Court has demanded that judge Manuel García Castellón give the former founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Monedero access to all the documents of the case in which the party and the politician himself were investigated and with which he is trying to incriminate him. This order by the Court occurred after Monedero’s defense alleged in a letter that his rights were being violated.

Two years of García Castellón against Podemos: nine suspects, no accused

Two years of García Castellón against Podemos: nine suspects, no accused


In an order to which has had access, the judges indicate that Monedero should be allowed to have access to “everything acted” in the case, including “all the resolutions” of the same, if it had not been done before.

Likewise, the Chamber establishes that it must also be allowed access to “the proceedings and proceedings subject to expungement” – a process by which documents that are not expected to have value are selected and eliminated with prior authorization – “with the limitations and precautions established by the Order of this Section, number 125/2022, dated March 18 of last year 2022”.

Last October and after nine months of investigation into the alleged irregular financing of Podemos, Judge Manuel García Castellón refused to hand over the investigations into those investigated. This led the defense of Juan Carlos Monedero, one of the founders of the party that Ione Belarra leads today, to present a letter claiming that his rights were being violated.

Monedero’s defense recalled in the text that the information they were requesting “is not secret”, so there was no justification for not stating the “merited reports of the UDEF, especially with respect to whom the data is recorded”.

García Castellón was forced to close the case last September by order of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court. But the judge was not satisfied with that and decided to prolong the case by means of the formula of deducing testimony against Monedero.

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