The console and PC market generated 92.3 billion dollars in 2022, 2.2% less than the previous year


The Newzoo analysis company specialized in the video game industry has published a report where it maintains that in 2022 the console and PC market generated 92.3 billion dollars worldwide, 2.2% less than the previous year. The report states that this year-on-year drop in revenue is due to a correction after the boom that this sector experienced due to the COVID pandemic. Newzoo now expects an upward trend in player numbers and spend to set in as user engagement is above pre-COVID levels.

In 2022, console games and services posted revenue of $51.8 billion, down 4.2% from last year, while PC titles saw revenue rise to $38.2 billion, an increase 1.8% year-on-year. The drop in consoles is explained by the lower number of releases, while the PC market is less sensitive to the lack of great titles and manages to grow thanks to the long-term performance that catalog games tend to have.

To reach the 92.3 billion dollars that console and PC titles generated in 2022, we must add the 2.3 billion dollars that browser games contributed, which experienced a 16.7% drop compared to the previous year.

By country and region, the United States led with $31.2 billion in revenue, representing 34% of the market, while Asia-Pacific was second with $30.2 billion. Half of that money, $15.2 billion, left China. Between the United States and China they accounted for 48% of the market. The podium is closed by Europe contributing 24,300 million dollars, 26% of the total. Far away are the 4.2 billion dollars from Latin America and the 2.5 billion dollars from the Middle East.

Regarding commercial trends, Newzoo notes a growing interest from AAA and AA publishers to adapt well-known franchises into a live service. The analytics firm cites titles like Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox as examples of why companies will release fewer new games and focus on extending the lifespan of established franchises. Another option to take advantage of existing intellectual properties is to bet on sequels, remakes and remasters, something that has been common for a long time.


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