The city of Odessa tries to assess the damage caused by recent Russian attacks

In Moscow, the Duma approves extending the age for compulsory military service to 30 years.

The citizens of Odesa are trying these days to return to normality, after being their city the target of Russian attacks. Total damage is yet to be assessed.. Over the next few days, UNESCO representatives are expected to arrive in this region to inspect the cultural heritage sites affected by enemy missiles.

The fight, meanwhile, does not stop. This Tuesday, the commander of the Ukrainian Land Forces, Oleksander Syrskyivisited the brigades located in the directions of Bajmut and Limán, where the fighting continues.

On the Russian side, the Ministry of Defense announced in its latest report that it had repelled several advances by the Ukrainian Army in the Donetsk region, while Russian forces were advancing up to “four kilometers along the front and up to two kilometers deep” in eastern Ukraine.

The call-up, almost inevitable

In Moscow, for its part, the news is the approval in the State Duma of an amendment by which call-up age is extended. Previously, military service was compulsory for all men between the ages of 18 and 27. Now it extends to 30.

The new fines have also been approved, 10 times higher than the previous ones, in case of not showing up at the military police station. Getting rid of the Army in this country will ultimately be a practically impossible mission.

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