Terry Bogard and his team will be back in the new Fatal Fury

Image: SNK

Last year, SNK surprised fans of the brand by confirming that a new installment of Fatal Fury was in development after 25 years of inactivity. Little by little the project is progressing and today 3 characters that will appear in the game were revealed.

Today is April Fools Day in some places, which many studios take advantage of to share fake news about their games as a joke. But it is not the case of SNK, which released a lot of news about its current projects. Among them was a slight update of the new game of Fatal Fury.

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What characters will return to Fatal Fury?

SNK shared several news in a video and included new game art, which shows that Terry Bogard, his brother Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi (the Fatal Fury Team) will be present in the title. Something interesting is that Terry Bogard will bring back his old outfit that appears as an alternate in recent titles.

Image: SNK

With these there are already 4 confirmed characters for this new game. Let’s remember that in the reveal image of the project Rock Howard was presented and there were 2 other characters in the shadows. Apparently one of them was Billy Kane.

Unfortunately, SNK did not offer more details about the project, so we still don’t know when or what platforms the new one will arrive on. Fatal Fury. We’ll keep you posted in the meantime, you can check out the art reveal trailer below.

In case you missed it: the new Fatal Fury will focus on the solo player campaign.

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