Sony strikes out "irrational" to the UK regulator for leaning in favor of Microsoft in the purchase of Activision

Sony strikes out "irrational" to the UK regulator for leaning in favor of Microsoft in the purchase of Activision

7 Apr. (Portaltic/EP) –

sony has criticized the favorable position of the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) towards Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard, as it considers it “surprising, unprecedented and irrational“This posture.

The CMA expects to publish on April 26 the final results of the investigation it is carrying out on the purchase of the video game developer by the American company and its impact on the video game market From United Kingdom.

In its provisional conclusions in February, it raised the possibility that the closing of the purchase could lead to competition concerns with console and cloud gaming services.

However, at the end of March he qualified these conclusions, acknowledging that “in general, the transaction will not result in a substantial decrease competition law in relation to video game console gaming in the United Kingdom”.

Thus, he suggested that he does not believe that the purchase of the video game creator could significantly affect console sales, tipping the balance in favor of Microsoft.

Sony has responded to these assessments with their corresponding observations and has assured that this change of position by the UK regulator is “surprising, unprecedented and irrational”.

“The interim findings judged show significant evidence to support that Microsoft would have the power and incentive to keep Activision’s content for itself, and this would substantially damage competition with PlayStation,” the Japanese technology company stressed.

Microsoft takes several weeks closing deals with other platforms to facilitate access to Xbox and Activision Blizzard PC games for a period of ten years after the closing of the purchase, they have already signed Nintendo, ubitus, Boosteroid and nvidia.

Sony has rejected such an agreement, while Valve has chosen not to accept it and, instead, show their confidence in the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

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