Somalia suspends meeting of federal leaders after Puntland's rejection of new Constitution

Somalia suspends meeting of federal leaders after Puntland's rejection of new Constitution

The independent region of Somaliland announces presidential elections for November 13

April 20 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The president of Somalia, Hasan Sheikh Mohamud, has postponed the meeting of the so-called National Consultative Council after the state of Puntland announced that it would stop recognizing the federal government following controversial constitutional amendments.

The country's prime minister, Hamsa Abdi Barre, announced this Saturday the postponement of a meeting scheduled for today and tomorrow for “technical reasons” after the Garowe On Line portal reported that several leaders had refused to attend due to disagreements over the latest decisions of the president.

Puntland announced on March 31 the withdrawal of its recognition of the country's federal government in a rejection of the constitutional amendments approved by the Parliament of Somalia, which expand presidential powers and which the Puntland authorities understand as a very serious threat to the political structure of the country. country.

A constitutional amendment approved on Saturday grants the current head of state the ability to appoint or dismiss the prime minister, something that Puntland understands as a centralizing drive ultimately aimed at wresting powers from the country's states.

On the other hand, this Saturday it was also announced that the independence region of Somaliland will hold its presidential elections on November 13, as confirmed this Saturday by the electoral commission.

The candidates of the three Somaliland political parties will appear in the elections, presidential candidates and vice-presidents of the three existing political parties, in order of seats in Parliament, the Somaliland National Party, the Kulmiye Peace, Unity and Development Party of the current president of the area, Muse Bihi Abdi, and the Justice and Welfare Party.

Also on November 13, an unusual vote will take place, which takes place every ten years, and which will define the three new political parties that will replace those mentioned. These new formations will appear through the three current parties plus ten other political associations in an effort to “recycle” Somaliland politics.

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