SkyShowtime is now available in Spain: how to get the offer of 2.99 euros per month forever

SkyShowtime Offer

The streaming sector has been in turmoil since Netflix decided at the beginning of the month to implement its new policy: no account sharing unless paid and a cheap option with ads. This has led to a stampede of millions of users around the world. and that to SkyShowtime could not be better.

The new one platform SkyShowtime, of which we have spoken a few times here, has decided to land in our country at a perfect time. Millions of users unsubscribing from a platform while a new one arrives at a super-reduced price and with a lifetime offer.

We believe that this does not work out that well even if we plan it ahead of time. But the reality is that all the content from Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation, Paramount+ and Peacock is already available in Spain at a launch price of 2.99 euros per month.

And best of all is that 5 profiles can be created per account and allows viewing on three simultaneous devices at the same time. That is, we will be able to share the account with two other people. If you take advantage of this introductory offer The service would cost you €1 per month.

An offer at 50% of its price for life

But today we are not here to talk about the content that the platform has (which is not bad at all for just launching, although do not expect a potential Netflix because it is not and will not be). Today we have come to this news to talk about the launch offer. And so you can sign up.

From today February 28, 2023 until April 25 of this year, new users who subscribe to SkyShowtime will be able to enjoy the offer of 2.99 euros per month. This is 50% of its official price of 5.99 euros per month.

SkyShowtime Offer

But will we always pay 2.99 euros per month? No, and here’s the twist to it all. SkyShowtime assures us a lifetime 50% discount. That is to say, since it is now officially worth 5.99 euros, the price that remains with the offer is 2.99 euros.

But when the prices go up (which they will, since they have all done it in the last two years), those who contracted the introductory offer will pay 50% of the new price. Imagine that they raise it to 10 euros a month, you will pay €5. That is, it is still a very good price, as HBO Max did at the time. This platform, for now, is worth it.

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