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Side Event: Financing for the Sustainable Development of Latin America and the Caribbean

Addressing the triple planetary crisis includes realigning public finances to support climate and natural objectives and using various financing instruments to attract additional funds. Revenue generation can be achieved through environmental tax reforms, and expenditure managed through subsidy reforms and tools such as payments for ecosystem services or climate funds.

To help policymakers adopt and use fiscal policies adapted to environmental sustainability and economic resilience, an event is proposed for public finance and tax professionals, focusing on the LAC region. It aims to improve knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning opportunities for Finance Ministries and help them identify the tools needed to lead the transition to a robust, low-carbon, nature-positive and socially inclusive growth economy. The event will explore the features, tools and challenges to accelerate the greening of the economy, including expert talks, roundtables and interactive sessions to facilitate the exchange of experiences and overcoming implementation barriers.

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