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Side event “Discussion on regular migration routes with a view to the creation of a regional labor intermediation system that promotes safe, orderly and regular migration”

In a scenario of growing challenges in migration matters, the provision by States of regular routes for admission and stay favors that migratory movements develop safely and respecting the rights of migrants in pursuit of predictability, stability and integration in destination countries.

Crystallized in public policies and regulations that range from the granting of visas, the granting of residence permits, to the change of an immigration status or category, regular routes are promoted through family reunification, humanitarian, labor migration or study programs. and immigration regularization. Also, through bilateral and regional agreements on residence and human mobility, instruments that contribute to meeting the needs of people and labor markets, optimizing the correspondence between labor supply and demand.

Regular routes constitute a relevant element to improve the governance of migrations, thereby underpinning the application of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

In this sense, the institutional, legal and regulatory responses offered by States on this issue, as well as the support of international organizations, civil society and the private sector, are sine qua non conditions to enhance the contributions made by migrants. development.

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