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Short-term Cetes rebound at the start of July

Short-term Cetes rebound at the start of July

“We believe that the demand for these instruments will remain high given the attractive real rates. This week Banxico’s minutes will be very relevant to find out clues about the moment and/or the conditions that would have to materialize for the cuts to begin,” Banorte reported. in a report.

The Bank of Mexico paused interest rate increases since last May and it is expected to remain at that level “for a long time.”

An Intercam report highlighted that the 28-day Cete compensated for the lower yields that they had shown in recent weeks.

What are the yields of the Cetes?

The yields of the Cetes were as follows this week:

The 28-day Cetes achieved a yield of 11.30%, at three months the yields were 11.29% and at six months the yields reached 11.35%.

At two years, the return was 10.90%.

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