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Share buybacks give the market a little breather

Growing political uncertainty shakes the Colombian Stock Exchange

Almost all the shares of the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño companies that announced share repurchase processes have registeredPrice rises in the Colombian Stock Market.

Although yesterday there were some casualties, in the net, six of the seven shares show appreciationwhich, however, have not prevented the market from performing better since, measured according to the Msci Colcap index, it shows a depreciation of 7.54%.

Yesterday the price of the preferred share of Grupo Sura rose 5.77% while that of the ordinary fell 3.08%

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For its part, the title of Grupo Argos did not register changes and remained at $9,700 and the preferred share barely rose 0.08% to $5,905.

You have to remember that Yesterday the process of repurchasing Grupo Argos shares began.

For his part, the title of Cementos Argos remained at $2,980, without changes.
The preferred share of Cementos Argos rose 3.21% and Celsia’s share fell 1.57%.
On the other hand, the share of BHI (BAC Holding International) registered an increase of 4.77%.

It should be remembered that Banco de Bogotá recently received a purchase offer for 4.11% of the shares that the Bank has in BAC Holding International, from Endor Capital Assets. The company shares the same real beneficiary of Banco de Bogotá.

The Board of Directors arranged call a new extraordinary meeting of the general assembly ofe shareholders so that they decide on the offer after analyzing possible conflicts of interest.


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