Seoul responds to Pyongyang and warns that a nuclear attack will mean “the end of the regime”

Seoul responds to Pyongyang and warns that a nuclear attack will mean "the end of the regime"

July 21 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The South Korean Defense Ministry has warned its northern neighbor on Friday that launching a nuclear attack could mean its “end”, after Pyongyang assured that the presence of a US nuclear submarine in South Korean waters could spark a conflict. .

“In the event of any nuclear attack by North Korea against the South Korea-United States alliance, it will face an immediate, overwhelming and decisive response from the alliance,” the Ministry of Defense said, stressing that any aggression will mean “the end of the regime” of Pyongyang.

The arrival of a US nuclear submarine in South Korea on Tuesday was not to the liking of Pyongyang, which on Thursday warned that this could trigger the “worst nuclear crisis” so far and accused Washington of committing “blatant blackmail”. nuclear”.

However, Seoul has defended that it is a “legitimate” defensive measure due to the numerous threats that continually come from its northern neighbor, which it has reminded of its “clear” violations of United Nations Security Council resolutions, according to the Yonhap agency.

“North Korea will never get any concessions from the South Korea-United States alliance as long as it continues to threaten and develop its nuclear program,” says Seoul, which urges Pyongyang to recognize that if it continues to maintain this position “its isolation and misery” they will deepen.

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have not stopped rising significantly in recent times. On July 12, Pyongyang fired an intercontinental ballistic missile and more recently, this week, two short-range ballistic missiles have been launched.

Added to this is the case of US soldier Travis King, deployed in South Korea, who crossed the border voluntarily and without any authorization this week, for which he has been detained and nothing else is known.

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