Senator Menendez and his wife will have separate trials underway over bribery allegations

Senator Menendez and his wife will have separate trials underway over bribery allegations

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife will be tried separately over allegations that they participated in a bribery schemea judge decided, after Nadine Menéndez's lawyers argued that she requires treatment for a serious health problem.

The New Jersey Democrat's trial remains scheduled for May 6 in federal court in Manhattan, while Nadine Menendez's trial was tentatively postponed to July 8.

“This trial will proceed without Ms. Menendez” in order to “give some stability and certainty to all parties,” Judge Sidney Stein said. “The government is going to have to try this case twice.”

Nadine Menendez's attorneys made the request in a letter to Stein this week, noting that the defendant was recently diagnosed with a non-specific condition that requires surgery in the next four to six weeks. In court Thursday, they argued that she needs more time to undergo testing to understand the nature of her condition.

A lawyer for the senator urged the judge not to postpone the process against his client due to this situation, ensuring that the accusations are a “shadow” that hangs over the former president of the influential Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and “practically eliminates his ability to run” for re-election this year.

“Senator Menendez wants his trial on May 6,” declared Adam Fee. “We exercise our right to a speedy trial.”

Meanwhile, the prosecution argued that the entire trial should be postponed, and said in a letter to the judge that removing Nadine Menendez from her husband's trial would result in “serious inefficiencies and injustices” that would require dozens of witnesses to be called again. to declare.

“We are ready to take this case to trial. We want to take this case to trial,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Richental said in court. “We don’t want to take this case to trial twice.”

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