Day 261 of war in Ukraine.

Ukraine prepares the great battle for Kherson but knows that Russia will not make it easy. The invader pretends to have fewer men on the ground and, according to kyiv, dresses the military as civilians to confuse them among the population. Meanwhile, diplomatically, talks continue at the highest level, mainly between the United States and high-ranking Ukrainian and Russian officials to try to bring them face to face at a negotiating table.

President Volodymyr Zelensky it is not closed to dialogue with Moscow, but with Vladimir Putin, whom he sees as a destabilizing leader and whom no agreement will satisfy: he just wants to win, although today that possibility seems very distant and not without first having made thousands of Ukrainians die of hunger or cold. In battle, Ukraine is proving itself more effective. According to Zelensky, the Donetsk front is “literally covered” with Russian corpses: “They die by the hundreds every day.”

[Albares avisa tras volver de Kiev: “No hay luz ni calefacción, dos millones pueden huir en invierno”]