Romania will withdraw fuel subsidy from January 1

Romania will withdraw fuel subsidy from January 1

Dec. 28 () –

The Government of Romania has confirmed this Wednesday that on January 1 it will stop subsidizing part of the price of fuel, a measure adopted at the end of June to deal with the increase in fuel prices due to the war in Ukraine.

“At first the measure did not seem to produce any effects, but at the end of the year we can see that it was a good measure,” acknowledged the Romanian Prime Minister, Nicolae Ciuca, who has confirmed the end of the subsidy starting next year.

The Government had subsidized in recent months 50 banis -about ten cents- for each liter of fuel. Now, Ciuca has recognized that the end of the measure is justified by the decrease in fuel prices, reports the local newspaper ‘Libertatea’.

In summer, when Bucharest implemented the measure, gasoline reached an average price of 8.65 lei -1.75 euros– per liter, while diesel was around 9.22 lei -1.87 euros– per liter . As of today these prices have dropped to 6.02 lei -1.22 euros– and 7.17 lei -1.45 euros– per liter, respectively.

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