Rocha equaled the salary with Rubiales despite having a contrary legal report

Rocha equaled the salary with Rubiales despite having a contrary legal report

Among the documents seized by the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard there is a document from which it appears that Pedro Rocha salary was raised to 675,671 euros per year that the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation perceived (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, according to the newspaper The world. He did it when he presided over the organization's Management Commission, ignoring a legal ruling to the contrary. According to the information, the federal entity requested a response from his external lawyer, Tomás González Cuetoin which he concluded that by not being elected president, He did not have the right to receive a remuneration similar to that of the former president. The jurist strongly advised against it, but the report was ignored.

It happened last September 14. The director of Administration and Finance of the RFEF, Emilio Herrerosent an email to González Cueto and the head of the entity's Legal Services, Pedro González Segura, which is currently in the possession of the UCO after being searched in the searches framed in the so-called Operation Brody, carried out on March 20. The president of the Management Commission, now investigated in the case, imposed the same salary that Luis Rubiales received until the summer of 2023. The movement sowed doubts in the legal department of the Ciudad del Fútbol, ​​for which González Cueto was questioned about its suitability.

“We have doubts about the possible accrual of the salary of the president of the RFEF“, began the text sent, as explained The world. In the letter they contextualize everything that has happened in recent weeks, starting with Jenni Hermoso's kiss and concluding with Rubiales' resignation. The former footballer from Granada “was president of the RFEF until August 26”, that date being the day on which FIFA suspended him due to the Australian scandal.

The external lawyer of the RFEF specified that the salary approved by the Assembly is for the president of the RFEF, not for those who temporarily replace him”

“As of August 27, Pedro Rocha is acting or interim president, however we want to dominate him. On September 10, Rubiales published his resignation,” they say. Therefore, the legal representatives of the organization raise the following questions: “What should be the remuneration regime applicable to Pedro Rocha?; Does the resignation of Luis Rubiales have an implication on Pedro Rocha's possible salary? In this sense, they added one more question: “In the event that the Management Board is established, Does it imply that the president of the Management Board must collect the salary approved by the Assembly for the president of the RFEF?”. Likewise, he called on external services to clarify these issues and coordinate to carry out “the corresponding procedures.”

Negative answer

Not even 24 hours passed. Tomás González Cueto responded instantly and against the direction of Rocha's movement. “In my opinion, the salary is approved by the Assembly for the president of the RFEF, but not for those who temporarily replace him“, the external lawyer then explained, appealing to article 31.7 of the RFEF statutes. From this precept it is clear who must replace the president in cases of “absence, illness or any other cause that temporarily prevents them from performing their duties”. In these scenarios he must be relieved “by the vice presidents, at his order; by the treasurer or, ultimately, by the most senior member of the Board of Directors.”

That said, the lawyer added that the “temporary substitution” called for by the statutes “has occurred until the effective date of Rubiales' resignation”. However, it continues, from then on, “the situation stated” in article 31.8 of the statutes occurs. This point protects that “if the president ceases for reasons other than the conclusion of his term, the Board of Directors will be constituted Management Committee and will call elections to fill the position.” Cueto adds that this commission, which already has a president, must call elections to elect a president of the RFEF. Therefore, the jurist concludes, “it is obvious” that the person who presides over the management company “is not the president of the RFEF, but of the management company”, despite the fact that he assumes the functions of president “temporarily”. “Consequently, if there is no president of the RFEF, I understand that everything is clear”, he concluded.

The Assembly that the Royal Federation held in December was informed by one of its assistants of the salary that Rocha received, maintaining the same scale that Luis Rubiales had, although removing controversial housing aid which the former president did have.

As Rocha's intention was to set the same remuneration as the former president, the external lawyer advised against the approval of this matter by the Management Board, understanding it as the highest management body. Despite the fact that there were attempts to hide this issue in a meeting of the Commission of Presidents, which does not have decision-making powers and was designed in a deliberative spirit, Rocha obtained the okay of the manager to set his salary in the 675,671 euros that Rubiales received.

A presidential salary that could stop earning, despite being the only candidate to succeed Rubiales, because the RFEF Electoral Commission raised the TAD (Administrative Court of Sports) a challenge by Miguel Galán. Now, the collegiate body has five days to decide whether to accept it and, therefore, torpedoes Rocha's path, similar in turn to Javier Tebasat the top of Spanish football.

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