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Razer Firefly V2 Pro: the latest gamer temptation is this fully backlit mouse pad with USB mouse port

Firefly V2 Pro Edge To Edge Backlit Design

There are more and more accessories on the market that we can include in our setup gamer. Razer, which is a leading player in this sector, has just presented an interesting product: the first completely backlit mousepad.

We are facing a proposal that has lighting as its protagonist. Unlike other proposals, such as the Razer Firefly V2, the new Razer Firefly V2 Pro makes the effect of the LED lights reach the entire surface of the accessory.

Features of the new Razer Firefly V2 Pro

Razer Firefly V2 Pro


Length: 278mm / 10.95″

Width: 360mm/14.17″

Thickness: 4.6mm/0.18″




USB-A to connect another accessory

USB-C for mat power




109.99 euros

A very well lit mat

As we can see in the images, the lighting extends to all corners of the mat. This is possible thanks to 15 RGB lighting zones in combination with a frosted surface designed to amplify glare.

While lighting is the central novelty of the mat, it also has improvements that should improve the gaming experience. It has a microtextured surface that seeks to improve the performance of the mouse's optical sensor.

Firefly V2 Pro Edge To Edge Backlit Design
Firefly V2 Pro Edge To Edge Backlit Design

Razer promises that the mat will allow for “smooth and fast movements and a ultra-precise tracking”. In addition, it has a non-slip base, something very important if we want to avoid involuntary movements.

Razer 1
Razer 1

The Firefly V2 Pro also includes a USB-A port on the top side. This port can be used to connect a wireless mouse receiver. Additionally, there is a USB-C port where you connect the cable to power the accessory.

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Like other products from the company, users will have the ability to use the application Razer Synapse to customize the lighting of the mat. There are a variety of combinations available.

Firefly V2 Pro Mousepad Price and Availability

The new Firefly V2 Pro is available from today, April 16, 2024 on the manufacturer's website, as well as in RazerStore stores and third-party stores. The accessory arrives with a recommended price of 109.99 euros.

Images | Razer

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