Rakion more alive than ever: Softnyx announces new events

Rakion, the veteran PC game, is still more relevant than ever. The developer company softnyx He revealed his strategy to reward the most loyal gamers and invite new players who want to try the title. The title has created a solid legacy in the video game industry thanks to its combination of online action and strategy.

This game is characterized by immersing its players in a fantastic world, full of epic battles in which they assume the role of daring warriors who challenge powerful creatures.

New events in Rakion

The range of special events that Softnyx has prepared for Rakion players is as exciting as it is diverse. The first one is “EXP & GOLD x2″, in which, during a period of 4 hours, players will have the opportunity to double their rewards in battles and stages.

It is followed by “Super Mode”, which will take place throughout the week, where players will have the opportunity to display all their power and skills at the maximum level. Strategy, speed and dexterity will be put to the test in this mode that promises to be intense and challenging.

The “Accumulated Time” is another of the events, and will reward dedication and perseverance in the game. Each minute played will accumulate and based on the accumulated time, special rewards will be given.

In the “Happy Hour” event, Rakion introduces an additional incentive. Players who connect at the indicated time will receive special items that will enhance their gaming experience. These items will provide unique advantages and make it easier to overcome challenges.

Lastly, in the “Limited Shop”, players will find a selection of 10 special items available for purchase. These items are designed to improve in-game performance and provide strategic advantages.

Softnyx has designed these special events with the aim of offering Rakion players an experience full of excitement and surprises. Players are encouraged to participate in each event to improve their skills, earn exclusive rewards, and get the most out of their time in the game.

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