PlayStation’s cloud gaming device known as Project Q is coming later this year

May 25. (Portaltic/EP) –

sony has announced the devices in which it is currently working and that it hopes to launch at the end of the year, among which is Project Qa cloud gaming device that allows you to stream video games.

The company has commented on some features of these products within the framework of the PlayStation Showcase, held this Wednesday, in which it has advanced news related to video games that will be available to its users. platforms throughout this year and in 2024.

The CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, has been in charge of announcing these accessories towards the end of the event, which has been able to be followed virtually, when he has shown the first images of a device internally known as Project Q.

This device is used to stream video games on remote playthat is, to take the video games of your next-generation console, PS5, anywhere.

In the development phase and waiting to give it the name with which it will go on sale, the manager has commented that it will go giving details “later” and that Sony hopes to launch it later this year.

For the moment, it has detailed that it is an 8 inch device with an LCD screen that can offer a resolution of 1080p at 60 fps and that takes up the colors and the format and the characteristic functions of its Dual Sense remote.

On the other hand, Ryan has shown wireless headphones, which maintain the white color and the logo of the brand, capable of providing “a sound immersion of next generation to PS5 and PC”.

These connect simultaneously to ‘smartphones’ via Bluetooth and offer low latency offering “exceptional quality”, as the PlayStation CEO has qualified.

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