Player trolls PlayStation fans and makes them believe that Sony will buy Valve

Joke makes fans believe that PlayStation will buy Valve

Many PlayStation fans are hoping that Sony will respond to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. Over the past few months, rumors have surfaced about potential acquisitions by the Japanese company, such as Square Enix, SEGA, Take-Two, EA, and more.

All of these reports have one thing in common: they got a lot of players excited, but in the end they turned out to be false or just community jokes. Now, a new rumor is circulating in networks that ensures that Sony will buy Valve, the owners of Steam. As you can imagine, it is a troll that some players fell for.

Joke makes fans believe that PlayStation will buy Valve

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Will Sony buy Valve to strengthen PlayStation? No

Twitter user PMS Jordan posted information that caught the attention of PlayStation fans. She claimed that Sony was in talks with Gabe Newell to acquire Valve to respond to the Activision Blizzard purchase.

He added that Sony’s plans were to gain control of Steam, the most popular store for PC games. With this he would enhance his plans to expand PlayStation to computers. In addition, he commented that the purchase of Valve would allow Sony to contact developers who are experts in virtual reality and portable devices.

Lastly, PMS Jordan commented that the acquisition would bring more development teams to PlayStation Studios. A part of the community immediately doubted the report, since the source has no corroborated leak history and, furthermore, the idea of ​​Sony acquiring Valve is unrealistic.

However, some players were carried away by emotion and celebrated the false news on social networks. Another part of the community knew right away that it was a joke, so they just fantasized what would happen if it really happened.

PMS Jordan waited a few hours before clarifying the situation and stating that it was all a joke to kill time before entering his function of Barbie. As you can imagine, this disappointed many PlayStation fans and caused the networks to be flooded with memes. That being said, Sony will not be acquiring Valve.

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