Pennsylvania, key state in the mid-term elections

Pennsylvania, key state in the mid-term elections

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With the midterm elections in the United States close, eyes across the country are once again turning to Pennsylvania, which put President Joe Biden on top in 2020. Among the important campaign issues, abortion.

The midterm elections in the United States are less than two weeks away. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 36 governorships, 34 mayoralties and 35 seats in the Senate at stake. In the Senate race currently controlled by Democrats by one vote, the race in Pennsylvania could define the political future of the country.

In Pennsylvania, Democrat and Lieutenant Governor, John Fatterman, faces the famous television doctor, Republican Mehmet Oz. In one of the most watched debates so far this campaign, he asked the candidates about the issue of abortion.

“Yo I believe that abortion is a universal right for all women in America. Abortion is public health and I think this is a decision that women should make with their doctors,” he replied. John Fatterman.

narrow margin

For his part, Mehmet Oz stated that “There should be no involvement of the federal government in how states decide on abortion. I want local women, doctors and political leaders to let democracy, which has always allowed our nation to thrive, come up with the best ideas so states can decide for themselves.”

In the average number of polls conducted by Real Clear Politics, John Fatterman is two points ahead of doctor Oz. But the margin is quite narrow and the interim secretary of state of Pennsylvania, Leigh M. Chapman, anticipated the controversy and warned that the electoral results of November 8 will take longer than in other states due to internal electoral legislation. .

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