oh wow! This would be the official price of Pokémon GO Plus +

This is Pokémon GO Plus +

One of the announcements that attracted the most attention during the past Pokémon Presents was that of Pokémon Sleepa proposal that will seek to rest in the best way with your favorite characters.

This is Pokémon GO Plus +

There was a long wait to learn more about this application and now its details are known, so its managers also revealed Pokémon GO Plus +, an accessory that will improve your experience in the franchise’s applications.

It is due to its announcement that the price at which the accessory in the form of a Pokéball will be distributed is already known. This thanks to the fact that the Nintendo of America site opened its pre-sale (already sold out) in which it offered the Pokémon GO Plus + for $55 USD (approximately $1,006 MXN).

Here you can more information about the device:

As you could see, the Pokémon GO Plus + will be useful for any trainer who never stops preparing, even while sleeping, so it will make it easier for you to track your sleep data to make the best use of it in Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon GO.

It is worth mentioning that the price that this device will have in our country is not yet known, so it will be better to be aware of any news before its launch on July 14.

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We remind you that Pokémon Sleep it will be compatible with iOS and Android devices and will be released during the summer of this year.

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