no to gay marriages

The first hearing of the lawsuit for the legalization of same-sex marriages, presented by activist groups, is scheduled for April 18. The government has already expressed its opposition, although it admits various forms of union in society. In a letter addressed to the President of the Supreme Court and the Head of State, representatives of various confessions ask that the text be rejected.

Delhi () – A transversal movement of Indian religious leaders and denominations has spoken out against the legalization of same-sex marriages in the country. They define the project as an “aggression” that is a source of “great concern” for “human society”. The issue has been debated for a long time. -Cardinal Oswald Gracias had already ruled on the matter in 2013. In recent weeks, the issue has become topical because the first hearing of the Supreme Court is scheduled for April 18, in which the judges must reach a resolution, after the petition for legalization presented by activist groups.

In 2018, Delhi decriminalized homosexuality, removing a British colonial-era rule regarding sex gay. For the Indian LGBTQ+ community, the green light for marriages would mean another step in the recognition of rights and freedoms. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government ruled on the issue earlier this month, confirming its strong opposition to recognizing same-sex marriages and asking the courts to reject the petition. Although it admits various forms of union in society, even between homosexuals, for the Executive, marriage will continue to be the exclusive prerogative of families and heterosexual relationships – “with husband, wife and children” – according to a statement from the Ministry of Justice.

10 years ago, Card. Gracias had expressed himself in this regard, explaining that “the Catholic Church has never been against the decriminalization of homosexuality, because we have never considered homosexuals as criminals.” However, it opposes “the legalization of marriage gay“. The cardinal clarified that the principle remains that homosexuals “have the same dignity as any human being” and that “all forms of discrimination, persecution or abuse” must be condemned.

Today several religious leaders took up the issue, with an open letter sent to Chief Justice Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud and Indian President Droupadi Murmu. In the letter, they affirm that any attempt to give legal recognition to same-sex marriage would cause total chaos in the legal system and the social structure.

The Communion of Churches of India expresses its “reservations” in this regard, which are summarized in the letter addressed to the Head of State, sent by the Executive Secretary of the organization, Prakash P Thomas. “In the Christian faith,” he observes, “marriage is a divine institution created by God. We cannot accept the union of two homosexual persons as a marriage. Therefore, we request […] that the status quo“. The Grand Mufti of India, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad, recalls that “any form of union” outside of marriage between a man and a woman “is contrary to natural law and is inadmissible.” He then warns: “Any attempt to give legal protection of same-sex relationships is an attack on the broader concerns of human society.” Finally, among the signatories of the letter is the Jain religious Acharya Lokesh Muni, who described as “inappropriate” the legal recognition of homosexual unions. “In India there is diversity,” he recalls, “but in Indian culture and Janism in particular, marriage is the foundation for the family lineage to progress.” Legalizing same-sex marriage will be detrimental to India’s age-old, tradition-based culture,” he concludes.

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