Nine killed in tribal disputes over land control in western Pakistan

Nine killed in tribal disputes over land control in western Pakistan

July 10 (EUROPA PRESS) –

At least nine people have been killed and 42 more injured in violence unleashed over control of land between rival tribes in the Khiber Pakhtunkhova region of western Pakistan.

The superintendent of the Kurram District Main Hospital, Qaiser Abbas Banghash, has reported the death toll. “There are three injured in critical condition. We are doing everything we can to save their lives, but we have problems due to the lack of medicines,” he pointed out, according to the Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’.

The clashes began four days ago in the village of Boshehra Dandar and have spread to Jar Kallay, Balishjel and Pewar Teri Mengal. In the first two days of clashes, five deaths were recorded.

The security forces are already working with tribal leaders in the area to try to put an end to the violence and the minister for Pakistanis Abroad and Human Resources Development, Sayid Husain Turi, has announced that he will visit Kurram soon.

“The Police, the Army and the notables of the tribes are trying to reach an agreement between the fighting parties in Pewar, Balishjel and Jar Kallay,” Turi stressed.

Meanwhile, the population suffers the consequences of violence. “The schools have been closed for weeks and the roads have been blocked,” said a neighbor, Hayi Afzal, quoted by ‘Dawn’, referring to the roadblocks in the town to demand a ceasefire.

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