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New line of credit for small businesses launched

New line of credit for small businesses launched

The fintech Quipuspecialized in working capital for small businesses, and Sure pay, Claro’s digital wallet, they sealed an alliance for the disbursement of productive credits from $500,000.

(Claro announces investment of US$165 million in digital solutions).

This alliance has been deploying its pilot since February of this year and is already prepared to receive applications from millions of new businesses interested in acquiring a financial product designed for them and with facilities in the medium and short term, reaffirming Quipu’s commitment to providing alternative credit to those who today only have drip as an option, offering competitive interest rates and simpler processes for neighborhood businesses.

According to spokespersons for both brands, the purpose of the alliance is to bring the product closer to the segment that it seeks to impact through a 100% digital process, taking into account the figures presented by Digital Global Overview Reportwhich ensure that, by the end of 2022, there were 65.75 million mobile phones in the national territory for a total of 51.39 million Colombians. “We believe that digitizing processes is living in the palm of the user’s hand”affirmed Santiago Arcila, Manager of Growth and Revenue of Quipu Latam.

An easier, fairer and alternative process

Those interested will be able to generate their request through WhatsApp in less than 15 minutes, and will be notified of the news of the process by this same means. the virtual assistant “Valerie” It is one of the most important developments of this system, since the tool takes the answers of the users and adds them to alternative data sources that allow calculating the final value of the credit taking into account the payment capacity of the merchant and the potential of the business. .

(Of course it goes for the smart home business: what will it offer).

“Our interest is to be on the side of the people and that they feel supported. We know that traditional banking does not generate this type of opportunity for neighborhood entrepreneurs”, said Mercedes Bidart, co-founder and CEO of Quipu. So far in 2022 and 2023 alone, Quipu has disbursed almost 5,000 loans, 80% of them to people reported to credit bureaus. Of these profiles, it is known that 30% used or would have used the traditional drip as a financing alternative.

Claro pay is the mobile wallet of the telecommunications company, available free of charge at App Store and Google Playwhich allows you to make payments, purchases, recharges from your cell phone, and that can be used to invest, save, receive money and make use of it.

As a strategic ally, Claro Pay will help Quipu get closer to Colombians who are looking to start a business. Those interested can find the credit option within the mobile application and make their request by answering a few questions and validating their identity.

(Claro’s business round leaves millionaire investment expectations).

“We are very excited that a Fintech like Quipu can be used from Claro pay. It is a response to the work we do every day to provide solutions that simplify life, that generate high-impact actions, and that contribute to making Colombia better. We hope that many more Colombians download the application and make use of Quipu”, said Walter Borda, director of Strategic Planning and Innovation at Claro Colombia.

It is estimated that by the end of 2023, Quipu will have placed more than 20,000 productive loans through its management alone and its different alliances, of which Claro pay is positioned as one of the most relevant for achieving this goal.

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