New Intel ARC 101.4576 Beta drivers with fixes for Remnant 2 and World War Z

Geeknetic New Intel ARC 101.4576 Beta drivers with fixes for Remnant 2 and World War Z 1

Intel has announced the release your drivers Intel ARC 101.4576 Beta for its dedicated Intel Arc graphics cards and integrated models based on the Intel Xe. This version corrects some problems that have been detected in previous versions of the drivers, in particular, the problem of texture corruption that could appear during the execution of the game has been fixed Remnant 2 under the DirectX 12 API.

Also fixed a bug that could show flickering or “flickering” on some in-game textures World War Z under DirectX 11.

For the rest, there are no other changes or improvements, but Intel has listed some known bugs that could appear with these drivers, so it is not recommended to install them, unless we have problems with the aforementioned games.

Specifically, in Intel Arc graphics have been detected crashes in Shadow of The Tomb Raider under DX11, crashes when the PC returns from sleep, hardware acceleration disabled in Adobe Premiere Pro, crashes with Topaz Video AI, crashes when rendering content with Raytracing in Blender 3.6 or crashes when generating videos in Adobe After Effects.

For its part, in the Intel Iris Xe Max, problems have been detected when installing the drivers in laptops equipped with integrated Iris Xe graphics together with dedicated Xe Max ones, forcing them to restart and reinstall. Graphical corruption bugs have also been detected in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 under DX12 on laptops with Intel Core processors and other graphics solutions.

Additionally, faults in the Arc Control control panel may appear in the Studio sections, camera, overlay menu, connectors, and other error messages.

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