NATO says Russia “does not have the capacity” to turn the Ukraine war into a nuclear conflict

Archive - NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Mircea Geoana

Archive – NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Mircea Geoana – Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa – Archive

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Warns that the Kremlin is waging a “disinformation war” for the sole purpose of intimidating the West

25 Feb. () –

NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Mircea Geoana said on Friday that Russia “does not have the capacity” or the intention to turn the Ukraine war into a nuclear conflict, and that it is only using rhetoric to intimidate the West.

Geoana considers that Russia, from what the Atlantic Alliance has been able to observe, has neither the capacity nor the intention to escalate the war in Ukraine to a war with NATO, since there is a “great asymmetry of power”, according to what he has reported. in an interview with the Romania Actualitati radio station.

“It would be somewhat illogical, because the asymmetry of power between the Russian Federation, weakened by this conflict and with much less efficient military capabilities than they themselves thought, compared to NATO, which is much stronger, much more modern and much more powerful, it doesn’t make sense”, stressed the former Romanian Foreign Minister.

For Geoana, Russia is carrying out a “disinformation war” intoxicating Western public opinion with “the noise of nuclear rhetoric”.

“Our reading is that the Kremlin is basically trying to intimidate Western public opinion, many of them with a pacifist tradition, many of us concerned, naturally, when you hear that rhetoric from the top of the Kremlin, obviously there is some sense of concern. “, Geoana insisted.

In this sense, and in an effort to allay Western concern, the NATO Undersecretary General has reiterated that “militarily speaking” NATO sees no signs or indications of a nuclear escalation.

However, he has warned that Russia will continue to try to intimidate the Atlantic Alliance countries to undermine their unity and their willingness to support the Ukrainians. “They are two different things, a lot of communication, less real ability to act,” she has riveted.

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