Motorola Unveils New Rollable Phone Prototype

Motorola Unveils New Rollable Phone Prototype

The screen of this equipment moves towards the top, which makes room for a much larger screen, when it is in its compact form, it adopts a dimension of 5 inches, while when unfolded it reaches a dimension of 6.5 inches.

Another discussion that this team also opened among those attending the congress was the possibility of it falling and therefore the screen crashing. However, this idea is still a prototype, so the resistance it may have is not known in detail.

For average use, the compact configuration is ideal, giving you the portable look we all look for in a smaller phone. Also, the extended configuration is better for gaming and content consumption, however, it is not yet possible to see these phones in the hands of the masses, although it is a nod to the trend that some companies have adopted in folding screens.

For example, Oppo also took advantage of the MWC to present its Oppo Find N2 Flip, a phone that is immediately reminiscent of the Galaxy Z4 Flip, presented by Samsung last year, but unlike this pair of equipment, Motorola’s maintains a single screen. the most compact version and the wide one.

This phone works with a small motorized system to roll the screen up or down.

According to the Counterpoint consultancy, the folding phone market grew by 52% in 2022, representing the sale of 22.7 million units. So this year a strong boost is expected for this type of gadgets.

“Samsung launched the Galaxy W 23 Flip/Fold in response to strong demand for foldable devices in China, while Chinese manufacturers are expanding into the Western European market. In light of these events, the folding markets of China and Western Europe will likely become the center of a fierce battle,” said Jene Park, a senior analyst at Counterpoint, in the study of this market.

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