Moldova's pro-Russian opposition creates coalition against EU accession

Moldova's pro-Russian opposition creates coalition against EU accession

Prominent opposition leader Ilan Shor announces the birth of the Victoria party from Moscow due to the “persecution” of the Moldovan government

April 22 () –

Many representatives of the pro-Russian opposition in Moldova announced this Sunday from Moscow, the capital of Russia, the creation of the Victory coalition against accession to the European Union both in the next general elections and in the referendum on the European question, planned votes for next October 20.

For his part, the prominent Moldovan opponent Ilan Shor has assured that “the time has come to win” against government policies that “lead to disaster” and about which “no one has any illusions”, according to what the news agency has published. TASS Russian news.

“The crazy course towards European integration is a road to nowhere for Moldova,” he added, after signing a coalition agreement with the Renaissance party, led by Natalia Parasca; with Chance, headed by AlexĂ©i Lungu; with Victoria, led by Vadim Grozavu; and with Alternative Force for the Salvation of Moldova, by Alexander Beschier.

Likewise, Shor has expressed his wish to have held the event in Chisinau, blaming the Moldovan Government for having “kidnapped” the country and “persecuting” the opponents.

“We would love to hold our event in Chisinau, but today Moldova is a kidnapped state. Any opponent in Moldova is already a traitor from the beginning, any political act ends with arrests, accompanied by searches and persecution by the pro-European regime,” he added. .

Shor, founder of the pro-Russian party of the same name in 1998, has been a fugitive from Moldovan justice since 2019 and was sentenced 'in absentia' in May 2023 to fifteen years in prison for corruption crimes.

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