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Mexico will import Japanese polished rice under strict sanitary protocols

In a statement, Sader pointed out that Mexico and Japan have increased their agri-food trade, with strict sanitary protocols.

During the release workshop for the import of Japanese polished rice to Mexico, the head of Sader, Víctor Villalobos. He pointed out that an example of this commercial opening is that “during the most complex stage in the issue of global animal health and sanitation, the Government of Japan did not cancel imports of Mexican pork.”

And he pointed out that now “Mexico will start importing Japanese polished rice.”

Before officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF, in English) and of importing companies and stores that sell agri-food products in that country, the official pointed out that this process adds “a grain of rice” to the bilateral relationship, since the Japanese cereal has international recognition for its quality, flavor and nutrients.

He also highlighted the technological cooperation in the agricultural sector of both countries, and the exchange of students and professionals from universities and research centers in Mexico and Japan.

Meanwhile, the MAFF representatives highlighted the decision to lift the ban on the importation of Japanese rice, “which maintains high expectations for the marketing of this product that has identified Japan since ancient times.”

They recalled that Japan is one of the main destinations for Mexican agri-food products and, with this decision, “bilateral agricultural trade will increase, where 800 Mexican restaurants operate in the Asian country and whose gastronomic cultures are recognized worldwide.”

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