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Mexico launches tender for 5 development poles of the Interoceanic Corridor

These poles will have tax benefits and administrative facilities for investors who establish themselves in the corridor, reported the Ministry of Economy (SE) on its Twitter account.

Registration will take place from June 26 to 30 of this year, and on the 16th and 27th you will be able to participate in an information session.

Of the 10 development poles that will form part of the interoceanic corridor, five will be tendered; one in Oaxaca and four more in Veracruz.

The program of activities and the process can be consulted in the following links:

pole salina cruz

pole Saint John the Evangelist

pole Texistepec

pole Coatzacoalcos I

pole Coatzacoalcos II

Tender Poles of development
The bidding process will consist of seven stages.

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